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Brad Causey

Brad Causey is an active member of the web security and offensive security community worldwide. Brad tends to focus his time on Web Application security as it applies to global and enterprise arenas. He is an active member of OWASP and the President of the International Information Systems Forensics Association chapter in Alabama. Brad is an avid author and writer with hundreds of publications and several books.

Spencer Alessi

Spencer is a passionate security practitioner, with the heart of a defender and spirit of a hacker. Spencer's background is in IT and Systems Administration prior to making the transition to security. He leans on these crucial technical skills to help enable clients and security programs to build defensible, vigilant, and practical security programs. Most of Spencer's current efforts are focused on understanding threats, techniques, and methods and then implementing them through technical assessments and analysis. Spencer is Co-Host of The Cyber Threat Perspective podcast and regularly creates blogs & videos.

Darrius Robinson

Darrius Robinson, CISSP is currently a Web App Penetration Tester for SecurIT360 and has 7 years of Information Security & Information Technology experience. He fell in love with Web App Pentesting after he used Burp Suite to inventory the Tesla API and created a web app that allows others to control his car. He has a passion for developing both web apps and people. Outside of pentesting he serves as the Red Team Program Director for B.I.C where he has developed a Red Team Training Program to assist others with getting certified and matching them with potential employers.

Jordan Natter

Jordan Natter is currently pursuing an Aerospace Engineering degree at UAH. Her focus is on external and mobile pen-testing while building out aerospace pen-testing processes in her free time. She also enjoys long walks on the beach and dangerous hobbies.

Tyler Roberts

This is Tyler Roberts, haling from Pell City, Alabama, he is an alumni from Jefferson State with an associates in Networking. Currently, he is aspiring to attain more knowledge about the current cloud landscape in hopes to be able to perform Penetration Testing on the three major cloud providers. In addition to working towards cloud expertise, he also is hoping to become well versed in Internal Pentesting. He is also a member of the Threat Intelligence team for Securit360 and helps to create weekly threat briefs and podcasts. Outside of work he enjoys watersports and gaming.

Sam Killingsworth

Sam Killingsworth is an offensive security analyst with Securit360. Sam has been working with Brad Causey, Securit360’s Vice President of Offensive Security, in varying capacities since 2014. His current primary focus is on external network penetration tests. He holds a Master’s Degree in Emergency Management and is Security+ certified through CompTIA. Sam resides in Middle Tennessee with his wife and two daughters.