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Episode 68: The Evolution of Penetration Testing TTPs

In this week’s Cyber Threat Perspective, we delved into the evolution of pen testing TTPs with Tyler and Brad. They discussed how TTPs change over time due to an ever-evolving threat landscape and the need for more efficient and effective processes. They emphasized the importance of constantly evaluating and improving tools and techniques and highlighted the impact of advancements in technology, such as cloud enumeration and web application testing.

Introduction to the Evolution of Pen Testing TTPs
– Establishing the meaning of TTPs (tactic, technique, and procedure) as borrowed from military terminology
– The importance of TTPs in offensive security and their relevance in the IT world

Factors Driving the Evolution of TTPs
– Changing threat landscape and evolving cyber threats
– Efficiency and time-saving in pen testing processes
– Client technology stack evolution and its impact on pen testing TTPs

Evolution of Pen Testing TTPs in External Penetration Testing
– Importance of reconnaissance in external pen testing
– Tools and methods evolution for subdomain enumeration
– Efficiency improvements in Nmap scanning processes

Impact of Cloud Technology on Pen Testing TTPs
– Significance of cloud enumeration in pen testing
– Case study of accessing an exposed S3 bucket and its implications for security

Evolution of Web Application Pen Testing TTPs
– Increased complexity of web applications and the need for updated pen testing procedures
– Changes in vulnerability testing related to libraries and APIs

Research and Innovation in Updating Pen Testing TTPs
– Methods for staying updated with new tools and techniques
– The importance of thoroughly testing tools before using them in client-facing engagements, sharing cautionary example

Conclusion and Recommendations
– Promoting active engagement with security community forums and sources for staying informed
– The significance of thorough tool testing and internal validation before applying them in client scenarios
– A relatable cautionary story emphasizing the need for understanding the tools used
– Encouraging engagement through liking, sharing, and subscribing to relevant content
– Shared experiences to reinforce the importance of thoroughly understanding TTPs

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