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Episode 80: Low-Cost, High-Impact Security

Discover the power of low-cost, high-impact security tools with Spencer and Brad in this episode of The Cyber Threat Perspective. Unlock the potential to safeguard your IT environment effectively without breaking the bank.

– Explore the Adeleg tool’s specialized focus on Active Directory delegations and learn how it compares to and differs from Ping Castle in terms of functionality and reporting capabilities.

– Unveil the importance of ScriptSentry, a PowerShell script that automates the detection of dangerous misconfigurations in logon scripts, aiming to prevent domain-level compromises.

– Delve into Locksmith, a user-friendly tool designed to find and fix misconfigurations in Active Directory Certificate Services, offering remediation snippets for common certificate mishaps.

– Get familiar with Bloodhound and GPOZaurr; one is a free tool for discovering major security threats, while the other provides detailed analysis of Group Policy Objects, a critical aspect of network security.

– Anticipate future content focused on setting up these essential tools and find additional information and updates through SecurIT360’s website, LinkedIn page, and by following Spencer and Brad.

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