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Episode 84: How We Hack Medical Devices To Save Lives

Discover the vulnerabilities lurking within medical devices and how ethical hacking can safeguard patient care. Join Brad Causey, VP of Offensive Security at SecurIT360, as he unpacks the risks and protections against cyber threats in healthcare tech.

  • Unveiling the risks of wireless communication vulnerabilities in insulin pumps and glucose monitors that could be exploited through advanced hacking techniques.
  • Demonstrating the use of tools like ESP32, Hashcat, and attack scenarios to reveal how medical devices can be manipulated, compromising patient safety.
  • An in-depth analysis of a common air purifier APK, exposing undocumented features and firmware flaws with far-reaching security implications.
  • Real-world examples highlighting the importance of pen testing medical devices, including the potential for increased medication dosing due to infusion pump flaws.
  • A deep dive into the broad-reaching impact of exploited vulnerabilities, from chaos in hospitals to privacy breaches through interconnected devices and mobile apps.

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