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Episode 89: How To Actually Protect Credentials

Are you struggling to keep your sensitive credentials safe and secure? In Episode 89 of The Cyber Threat Perspective, we dive into effective strategies for protecting your passwords and secrets.

• Explore the psychology behind users’ approach to passwords and the impact of enforcing robust security policies.
• Understand the importance of balancing stringent security measures with the practical needs and behaviors of users to maintain an efficient and secure environment.
• Discover the role of secret management tools like Delinea Secret Server, CyberArk, AWS Secret Manager, and Azure Key Vault in safeguarding credentials.
• Learn about the various features of secret managers that are critical for security, including automatic password rotation and the principle of least privilege.
• Find out why tools such as Bitwarden and Flipper Zero can be beneficial for users, providing multi-factor authentication and everyday utility.

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