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Episode 99: ToolTime – OneDriveEnum and AD Miner

In this episode, we dive into two powerful tools, OneDriveEnum and AD Miner, and explore their unique features and usage in cybersecurity engagements. Join Spencer and Tyler as they demonstrate and discuss the capabilities these tools bring to the table.

  • Efficient enumeration of usernames in an organization using the OneDriveEnum tool.
  • Customizing username permutations based on email formats and international name lists.
  • Exploring the practical use of AD Miner for Active Directory audits and its enhancements over Bloodhound.
  • Highlighting how AD Miner simplifies Cypher queries and provides detailed HTML reports.
  • Practical recommendations for strengthening account protections while mitigating tool usage risks.

Tune in to learn how these tools can significantly impact your cybersecurity strategies and engagements!

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